70+ Shades of Hops at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

The subtle differences in hop varieties

There is much more to hops that just adding a bit of bitter to balance out the sweet malt. It is also bring out and add aromas and flavors to your beer that we normally don’t associate with hops. No two hop varieties are the same, but despite the large selection available, identifying different hops is easier than you may think.


Castle Rock Homebrew has the largest variety of hops in Colorado

When it comes to hop, we can usually sit and discuss our latest favorite craft beer and start identifying the different aromas in the beer: The citrus, the earth, the spice and the floral. But it is a little more challenging to discern the different flavors that hop can be responsible for. Since there are many varieties, let’s go over the most common hops you are likely to come by when enjoying your IPA and pale ale: Cascade, Centennial and Columbus – the cornerstones of American craft brewing.

Get Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hop varieties at Castle Rock Homebrew

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Brew your own Sierra Nevada with the Cascade hop from Castle Rock

Cascade is the go to hop when adding the finishing aroma and flavor hops to Sierra Nevada. This hop variety boasts iconic citrusy, floral and grapefruit aromas.

Centennial is a bit bitterer than the Cascade and is sometimes referred to as “super Cascade”. Expect way more bitter and floral notes to the beers using this variety. When looking for beers using 100% Centennial, make sure they are not muddying up the telltale characteristics by adding flavors.

Columbus has a much higher oil content than the above two varieties and with that comes particularly distinct and potent aromas. Have you ever sat with a beer and thought, “hmmm, it smells like someone is toking up a doobie!” Chances are you are sipping beer brewed on Columbus. Of course, this is Colorado, so there may also be actual marijuana close by. But this is about hop, not pot. Columbus’ earthy and herby aromas add depth and complexity with its earthy and spicy notes.

Get the best hop for your homebrew at Castle Rock

Beer hop trees

Talk to the experts at Castle Rock about which hop variety to use for your homebrew

With over 70 varieties of hops available at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply it can be difficult picking out the right one. Luckily we have a staff of homebrewing experts who can answer all of your questions and help you pick out the right hop for your next homebrew. Brewing your own beer is the quickest and best way to start learning the different nuances of hop flavors and aromas that it can add to your beer. And you can join our grain program, so you always have the freshest ingredients to work with for your next batch of homemade beer. For all your homebrew needs in Colorado, Castle Rock Homebrew is the place to shop.


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