A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Charlie Papazian

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This week in homebrew news the spotlight falls on Charlie Papazian, a legendary homebrewer and author of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, not to mention the founder of the American Homebrewers Association. Papazian made his first homebrew in 1970 and has been brewing ever since.

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 Papazian talks about his “first draft” and the Budweiser commercial

In an article featured in a Pittsburgh online news source, TribLIVE, we catch up with the guru of homebrewing, Charlie Papazian, president and founder of the Association of Homebrewers and the American Homebrewers Association, not to mention the Great American Beer Festival.

It’s been 45 years since Papazian brewed his first beer in 1970. Like most homebrewers, he found the hobby out of sheer necessity, the necessity for better tasting beer at affordable college student prices. Also, being the king of the dorm thanks to your homebrewing skills isn’t a bad reputation to have in college. If you are just a little bit involved in the homebrewing community, then this isn’t the first time you’ve crossed paths with Papazian. But the article does point out a few things you may not know about him. Like the fact that he couldn’t pick out a hop if it was planted right in front of him. It took two years of homebrewing before he realized what hops looked like. Like the rest of the homebrew country, he is currently on a “session brew” kick, and then there’s his take on the now infamous Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. Papazian thinks it was awesome. Not because it criticized homebrewers, but because it put homebrewers on the screen during the biggest television event of the year, something that your average craft brewer could never afford to do. So, despite Budweiser’s intentions, the whole world started talking about craft and specialty beers.

This is what hops look like!

This is what hops look like!

Great ingredients for your homebrew

When Papazian first attempted a homebrew it was with a mix of hop flavored malts, yeast and cane sugar dumped together. Needless to say, this first “no boil” batch of homebrew was promptly tasted, spit out and dumped. It was only after a few tries and much better ingredients that Papazian could start to enjoy the fruits of his labor. At Castle Rock we carry only the freshest and best malts, hops and yeast strains in Colorado. Treat yourself and your homebrew to a trip to Castle Rock Homebrew Supply.


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