A Great Home Brew Deserves A Great Home Kegging System

A home kegging system

How cool would it be to have your very own kegging system in your home? Instead of wasting precious refrigerator realty by bottling all your homebrew, consider investing in a kegging system so you’ll always have your beer served just right.

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Purchase a Beer Kegging System

Having a few bottles of your home brew is great to bring to parties and other events where you can show off your brewing skills. But when you’re at home, bottling all of your homebrew can become tedious and time consuming.  In the long run, if home brewing is your passion and not just a fleeting hobby, then a kegging system will save you time and money. A good place to start is with the popular 5 gallon Cornelius “Corney” keg. At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply we a very large selection of corney kegs, faucets, couplers, tubing and all the accessories that you need for a complete home kegging system.ss-perlick-faucet-shank-combo-3


Filling a Keg

Now that you have bought your complete home brew kegging system it’s time to set it up. That home brew isn’t going to drink itself. But be careful when you transfer your home brew to the keg. You don’t want it to splash or aerate after fermentation as this will stale your beer. You can avoid this by using a syphon, keeping it just below the surface of the rising beer and creating a slow, smooth transfer of your homebrew.

Once you’ve filled the keg and placed the lid securely on top, use your CO2 tank to get rid of any remaining air left in the keg and replace it with CO2. This can take a few tries. Just pressurize the keg with the CO2, then release the air using the release valve on the keg. Pressurize, release. Pressurize, release.

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Once pressurized the Corney keg will keep your beer fresh for several months, provided it is refrigerated and carbonated properly. For more information on how to keep your Corney keg properly pressurized and carbonated, talk to the experts at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply.

Home brewing is our passion and we take it seriously. We also love to share our knowledge of home brewing beer, so stop by the store and check out our home brewing supplies. We not only have the best kegging systems with all the accessories, like the Cornelius keg, but we have everything from grains, yeast, hops and barley, to fermenting, bottling, kegging and labeling. In short, if you have a dream of making your own brew in the comfort of your own home, we are your one stop home brew shop in Colorado.


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