Castle Rock Homebrew Supply is owned by a veteran and many of our customers are veterans as well. We are now reaching out to the local community to help those severely disabled veterans who were not as fortunate as we were. If you or someone you know a severely disabled veteran who wants to brew beer or needs assistance in continuing their brewing please fill out the forms below to apply. We are also glad to help those interested in wine making.

In our store you will notice a cash jar for donating to this program. Customers may donate cash to the cause and the store (or Eric) will match the donation up to $100 per month. We will set a goal of using the customers donations and the stores matching to help one new veteran per month. Hopefully as our store grows our store and customers will do more.

All proceeds will be used to pay for equipment that will be donated to the veteran brewer. We will donate equipment as well.

Thank you for your support to the veteran community.

Vet Application PDF
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Vet Application Word
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