All Wine Gets Better With Age…Or Does It?

Ewine-making Coloradoveryone knows that great wine gets better with age. But is this true of all wines? Here’s a guideline to what wines will stand the test of time, and which won’t.

How to tell if a wine will age well

High acidity wines tend to last longer. Through time the wine will slowly lose its acids and mellow out. Low acidity wines, on the other hand, will probably not last long in your wine cellar.

Along with high acidity, if your wine is high in tannins it will likely age better. The tannins come from the pips and the skins of the grape, as well as oak aging. Just like the acidity of the wine, the tannins will smooth out over time as the tannins break down. However, you need to make sure that the grape tannins and the wood tannins are well balanced from the beginning of the wine making process, or your wine will never improve over time.

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