Are you ready for this year’s Märzen/Oktoberfest brew?

The Beer of Märzen

As the air starts getting cooler and the leaves start changing color, beer drinkers also start shifting from the thirst quenching ales to more full bodied beers as well.


Märzenbier is full-bodied, rich, toasty, typically dark copper in color with a medium to high alcohol content.


This type of beer was named after the calendar month of March and the seasonal festival Oktoberfest.

Back in the day, before refrigeration the brewing season would start when the temperatures dropped in Fall and ran until the last cool days of Spring. The reason for this was that lower fermentation temperatures produced better quality beer, as it is widely known today.

The beer that was made in March had to be consumed almost immediately, or had to be stored in cold cellars or caves. This was possible due to the region’s proximity to the Alps.  Without knowing it this pioneer brewers were cultivating and selecting slow-working yeast, before the microbiological concept of yeast was even understood. 

During the 18th century, both Munich and Vienna used the Märzen concept and applied it to provisional beer.

Märzen/Oktoberfest beer symbolically captures the autumnal shift of seasons. It’s copper and orange color come from the toasted barley used. It also gives it a unique flavor and aroma. 


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