Beer Gadgets in the News: What’s Brewing Across the Pond

The craft and homebrew industry is a fast paced, ever changing industry. The great thing about homebrewing small batches is being able to test and brew many varieties of beer. Colorado is a beer lover’s paradise, and the craft beer business has exploded in the past few years. The key to Colorado’s craft beer success is range, and there’s something brewing across the pond that may just put a whole new spin on the craft brew industry.

Hoppier, the future of beer? Photo credit: Cambridge Consultants

“Hoppier”, the future of beer?
Photo credit: Cambridge Consultants

Turbocharging the “dry hopping” process

There have been significant advances in brew technology as of late. We’ve been carrying the extremely popular Blichmann’s electric brew equipment for some time now, but now a British consulting group has come up with a new invention that is supposed to revolutionize the craft beer experience, giving customers a change to personalize each beer to their preference. This new machine is called “Hoppier”, and it uses pressure to turbocharge the “dry hopping” post fermentation process. Take a look, and see what you think. Is this the future of beer?

Quality homebrew ingredients and equipment in Colorado

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