Beer Myths Busted

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to beer, but one thing is for certain: beer is best served ice cold! Or so the beer companies want you to believe. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a beer commercial that didn’t include large vats of ice, freezing beer bottles being pulled from behind the bar, snow covered mountain tops and frosty mugs being filled to the brim. You’d be hard pressed to find a beer commercial that doesn’t tell you to drink your beer cold. And that’s not the only thing that we’ve convinced ourselves to be fact when it comes to drinking beer. Lets check some myths on beer.

Myth 1. Beer is best served ice cold Belgian Dark Beer

Draft beer is typically served between 38-42 degrees, slightly colder than you want. That way, once you’ve sat with the beer for a few minutes, it will have warmed to the right temperature of 46-50 degrees to enjoy all the layers of flavor in your beer. You want your beer to taste like beer, right. Not sipping on freezing cold bubbles that will do nothing to enhance the aromas in your beer, but merely numb up your taste buds to any flavor your beer may have. This may be great if you’re drinking cheap beer, but if you love a good local or home brew, you want the whole experience, not just the “cold beer” effect.

Myth 2. Beer is better in a bottle

A bottle certainly feels more sophisticated, and many will scoff at the thought of drinking beer from a can, insisting that the “flavor” of the aluminum will rub off on your beer. The truth is, beer in a bottle is way more susceptible to be affected by light and oxygen, especially if it’s a clear bottle. A tightly sealed aluminum can is the best way to keep annoying light that will turn your beer skunky, as well as oxygen that will make your beer taste flat. To compromise, consider canned beer, and when you are ready to enjoy it, pour it into a glass, because glass is the best way to drink a nice beer, it’s just not the optimal way to store it.

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Myth 3. Dark beer has more alcohol than light beer

This is a pretty easy myth to dispel. Just take a look at the back of a bottle of Guiness Draught. It is the darkest beer on the shelves, yet it only has 4.2% alcohol. To put it into perspective, Budweiser has a higher alcohol content that Guiness Draught. There is simply no correlation between color and percentage of alcohol.

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Myth 4. Beer gives you a belly

This is a big one folks. The beer belly and beer gut myths need to be done away with. It’s giving beer a bad rap. Consuming moderate amounts of beer is not more likely to make you gain weight that moderate amounts of anything else. And like everything else, if you consume something to excess, it will affect your health and the shape of your belly, but it’s not the beers fault all on its own. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a great draft beer, just don’t go overboard.

homebrew beerHomebrewing your own beer in Colorado

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