Beer, Wine, Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving

When the pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock they had plenty of beer and wine on board the Mayflower. Since clean water was hard to come by, especially when crossing the ocean, beer and wine was the safest solution to contaminated water and death by dehydration. Unfortunately, when the pilgrims were dropped off on Plymouth Rock to settle in their new world, the Mayflower left with the rest of the beer and wine supplies, leaving the pilgrims high and dry.

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No beer and wine on the first Thanksgiving

Since the crew onboard the Mayflower left with the leftover beer and wine supply in order to make the long journey home, the pilgrims were now left to fend for themselves. Despite what you may have seen or read from prohibition beer propaganda, brewing up a batch of beer and wine was not at the top of the pilgrims to do list. Food and shelter were more pressing concerns. So, there was most likely not any beer on the table at the first “harvest festival” in October of 1621. By the time of the three day harvest festival the pilgrims had grown a couple of acres of barley, but historians have no evidence that this was used to brew beer, or if this barley was even suited for such a purpose. And even if it had been used to brew beer, there just would have been enough time for the barley to grow and the beer to ferment properly in time for the festival. Another thing not present on the first thanksgiving dinner table: potatoes! So, to sum up; no beer, wine or mashed potatoes for the pilgrims, and yet, they still found a reason to be thankful!

With Castle Rock Homebrew Supply you will always have beer and wine to celebrate Thanksgiving

With Castle Rock Homebrew Supply you will always have beer and wine to celebrate Thanksgiving

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