Beer’s to your health

It seems like these days everyone is on some sort of a diet and we all have a long list of things that we absolutely shouldn’t eat, or in this case, drink. Beer seems to be at the top of everyone’s “don’t do it” list. When it comes to “healthy” alcoholic beverages, everyone wants you to believe
that wine is the way to go, and that beer will only work against your healthy lifestyle. In short: that just simply isn’t true.

I’m sick of wine getting all the credit for being the healthy alcohol, so let’s give beer the credit that it deserves. I’m not knocking a good glass of wine, but if you’re like me, and you prefer a nice cold, but not too cold, pint in the afternoons or after a hard day’s work, then listen up, because I’m about to give you reasons to tap that keg and enjoy a nice cold one.

beer art

I heart beer

The 2008 Journal of the American Dietetic Association states that people who drink two alcoholic drinks of any kind – yes that includes beer – are less likely to suffer from heart disease. Alcohol is believed to make the blood “less sticky”, making you less likely to suffer blood clots. Beer is also packed with fiber, vitamin B and protein, which all work to keep your heart strong and healthy.

Your kidneys and beer

Due to the high water content and diuretic effects of beer, your daily brew may help reduce the risk of kidney stones. Ever had a kidney stone? It sucks. And it is incredibly painful, so fill that frosty mug to the brim and drink up.

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Beer to the bone

Wait, isn’t milk supposed to make your bones grown strong? Has mom been wrong all along? No, she hasn’t. Milk is great for strong bones, so keep encouraging your kids to drink a glass a day. But you’re an adult, put the milk back in the fridge and pick up a silicon rich brewski that will make your bones grow stronger. Better yet, make your own beer at home!

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