Beginning Extract Brew Class in Castle Rock, Colorado

Jump on the beer band waggon at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Colorado is the place to be if you love a good draft beer. People travel from afar to experience our brews. Why not get in on the trend and test your own skills as a master brewer. At Castle Rock we have beginner brew classes for anyone who want to see if they have a brew master hidden inside of them.

Learn to brew at Castle Rock

Learn to brew at Castle Rock and fill your own 25 gallon brew pot with homemade wort

Beginner homebrew classes in Castle Rock, Colorado

Why let all the other craft and homebrewers have all the glory. Get in the game and learn how to brew. If for no other reason, it is fun! You also get a whole lot of delicious beer out of it. Soon, you will be heralded by all of your friends and family as the king of the homebrew. But before you start fantasizing of taking home the Gold at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, you need to learn the basics. And for that, you need to register for the Beginning Extract Brew Class on January 29th at 5:30p at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply. Pinkus Certified Organic BeerYou’ll be tasting samples of homebrewed beer, while learning the basics of homebrewing. And when you’re done, you will have the opportunity to buy everything you need to go home and start your own homebrew.

Learn to brew your own beer and wine in Colorado

Castle Rock Homebrew Supply is your one stop shop for all of your homemade beer and wine needs. From classes, to grains, to custom made brew kettles to suit your brewing needs to the largest and best selection of yeast strains in the country, Castle Rock wants the best for you and your homebrew. And we will sell it to you at the lowest prices allowed. We can ease the beginner into the art of homebrewing with a few hands on classes, as well as challenge the seasoned homebrewer with the latest in electric homebrewing equipment from Blichmann. Don’t miss out. Check us out today.

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