Brew Belgian Tripel Like a Trappist Monk

The Belgian style tripel is both simple and complex

The Belgian tripel has been produced by Trappist monks for over 80 years as their premier style of beer and is amongst the most brewed Belgian beers in North America. The monks produced three beers; enkel, dubbel or tripel, the tripel being the strongest and completing the “holy trinity” of Trappist monk beers. In order to take on this style of beer, you need to head to Castle Rock Homebrew Supply for the best ingredients and homebrewing equipment in Colorado. With our help, we’ll have to brewing like a monk in no time. Let’s take a look at the Belgian tripel.

Save big on grains at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Save big on grains at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Homebrewing Belgian Tripel

When done right, this is a wonderfully complex and full bodied beer. It is the perfect mixture of fruity and spicy, with a soft malty flavor that adds just a touch of sweet.  Although it is high in alcohol, it does not taste like it, and the malt should add a hint of sweet to the spicy hops. The base recipe for the Belgian tripel is quite simple, making this a great beer for first timers to try out, but it will also provide enough of a challenge for the advanced homebrewer who is trying to capture the all the telltale characteristics of the perfect Belgian style tripel.

Get any grain or malt for your homebrew, including Pilsner malt.

Get any grain or malt for your homebrew, including Pilsner malt.

Basic starter ingredients for the Belgian tripel

Your primary grain in the Belgian tripel should always be Pilsner malt. More often than not, this is going to be the only grain. If you want to use other grains, make sure they complement the aromas of the Pilsner malt, and don’t overwhelm any of the characteristic flavors of the Belgian tripel. Using just one grain is what will give your tripel the light yellow to deep golden color that you should expect from this style of beer.

A consistent ingredient that you will find in many Belgian beers is candy sugar. This fast fermenting, simple sugar is especially important when homebrewing the tripel to increase the alcohol content and give your tripel the characteristic dry finish. If you want to keep it true to the Belgian tradition, you will need to use beet sugar, but white table sugar is a fine substitute and won’t mess with the flavor profile of the tripel. When you have about 15 minutes left in the boil, add the sugar to the wort and stir until it is completely dissolved, being very careful that it doesn’t scorch your brew kettle.

beer and hops

Castle Rock has the largest selection of hops for your homebrew

When choosing the right hops for your tripel, look for a low alpha acid content. Hops are used at the very beginning of your boil. Ask the staff at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply for the “Noble Varieties” of hops suck as Hallertau, Spalt and Saaz.

The Belgian yeast character is the fat lady that comes out to finish the show with a bang. This is where the homebrewer can put their own unique and personal touches on their tripel. At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply we carry the best yeast selection in Colorado, including varieties that originate from Belgian breweries such as Wyeast 3783 and White Labs WLP 530 Abbey Ale Liquid yeast. Both of these options will provide a clean, delicate, fruit characteristics. If you are looking for bolder spices and fruit in your tripel, talk to us about our other strains of yeast that can help pack a bit more punch and intensity in your Belgian Tripel.

Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has the freshest grains for the best prices

Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has everything you need to brew your own beer. Whatever the style, we have the freshest ingredients and the best homebrewing equipment. We’re located in Castle Rock, just 40 minutes from Colorado Springs. We also have a great deal on grains, so you always have the best ingredients for your brew, at the best prices. Stop by and check out our impressive inventory, and start brewing today.

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