Castle Rock Water Report

CR Water 12-14-15

Use this as a basis for brewing salt and pH adjustments if you live in Castle Rock

CRHBS Malt Chart
xlsxIncludes all of the common malts and their characteristics. We carry almost all of these malts and are adding to our inventory often. Maybe we will fill the whole wall!
Malt Chart.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [14.8 KB]

Brewing Salts
xlsxHelps brewers with the effects of different additions to your beer flavor. It helps to know your water profile. We have a lab report for Castle Rock Water in the store.
Brewing Salts.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.6 KB]

Brew Classes

Yeast Starter Class
pdfLearn pitching rates and how to achieve them. Most importantly, learn why to achieve them.
Yeast Starter and washing Class.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [275.0 KB]

All grain Class
Adobe Acrobat document [135.7 KB]

Set up Your Draft System at Altitude
pdfCarbonating Your Beer At Altitude.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [321.3 KB]

Hop Variety Guide

Hop union has an awesome hops description book here: Hop Union.

We also have the hard copy in the store.

This is the company where most of our hops come from.

Helpful Videos

One of our customers made some helpful ideas videos: