Brewing beer at home… “I have always wanted to do that!”

Have you always thought about how cool it would be to make beer at home, but thought it was to complicated?

Castle Rock can help you out, with one of our starter kits, you will be on your way to brewing your first batch and being glad you finally did something about it.

Beginner brewing kit


Beginner Homebrewing Kit

6.5 Gallon Fermenter with lid, 6.5 Gallon bottle Bucket w/Spigot, 5 Gallon Better Bottle® Carboy (upgrade to glass for $10), “Home Beermaking” Book, Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, Triple Scale Hydrometer, Drilled Rubber Stopper, Liquid Crystal Thermometer, Lab Thermometer, Siphon Hose and Shut-Off Clamp, Brew Paddle, Airlock, Twin Lever Capper, Fermtech Auto Siphon, Bottle Filler, Bottle Brush, Equipment Instructions


We also offer classes and seminars for the beginner, intermediate and advanced brewer. This type of activities are great to be able to share your findings and even sample your beer, with others who can offer you their constructive opinion.

Don’t wait any longer and  come to Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, we can help you with a brewing setup tailored to you brewing needs and expertise.


* New Products – We have added several grains and products. Grains include Gleneagles Marris Otter a Scottish floor malted variety darker than your standard marris otter, Crystal 10, and Carafa Special II.

Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has one of the largest and growing selections of beer, cheese and wine-making supplies in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. We started the businesses out of our own passion for home brewed beer and decided to teach others for to brew as well. We are proud to be able to offer a diverse ingredient list and packaging sizes that allow the beginner extract brewer to make very diverse beer. Stop by our store anytime! Or contact us online we’ll be happy to help you get a piece of equipment or answer your questions.

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