Bring Your Braggot, Steinbier and Gruit to “Learn How to Brew Day” at Castle Rock

Castle Rock Homebrew wants to keep old brew traditions alive

In honor of the upcoming Learn to Homebrew Day, we’ve compiled a little nerdy list of unknown or unusual beer styles you don’t see much of anymore. Just because we’ve evolved when it comes to beer, that doesn’t mean these styles should be forgotten. And with all the brewing ingredients from Castle Rock, who knows, maybe we can even bring a few of these back. Come join us and share your beer and brew knowledge with fellow Homebrewers and curious beer enthusiasts.

beer and hops

Castle Rock has the largest selection of hops for your homebrew

Old, but not forgotten, homebrew styles

Braggot – If you mix mead and beer together you get “braggot”. It is a hearty beverage that is has the sweetness of the honey based mead, with the grainy, maltiness of ale. Today, braggot brewers will ferment the grain and the honey together in one pot, but back in the day, the braggot was mixed to order at the bar and also included whatever spices they had on had to add flavor.

Steinbier – Before we had our modern day brewing equipment, brew kettles were often made of wood making the heating process near impossible. Obviously flames were a no-no. Not brewing beer was not an option, so these brave brewers came up with a plan; instead of a flame on the kettle, simply toss scorching hot clumps of granite directly into the wort! These so called burning “steins” (rock in German) would create a violent and rapid boil, caramelizing the grain, and a sweet tasty “bier” was born. With today’s equipment you don’t need to risk third degree burns for your homebrew, but some will still risk the burn to keep this brewing tradition alive.

Gruit – Break out your cauldrons, and grab your brew and start to flavor it with herbs and spices, mugwort and horehound. This was how they did it in medieval Europe, and maybe also at The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley. Or The Prancing Pony in Smee, if you lean more towards Tolkien’s Middle Earth than Rowling’s London.Using herbs and spices, and perhaps the occasional hallucinogenic or narcotic twig or berry gave this beer the reputation for increasing your sex drive and feelings of euphoria.

Beginner brewing kit

Advancements in brewing equipment has made some brewing techniques all but obsolete

Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has everything for a successful homebrew

3 lb honeyIf you are interested in keeping some old brewing traditions alive or learn a few new techniques, stop by Castle Rock Homebrew Supply. We have everything you need to start your own homebrewing tradition. With the largest selection of fresh grains, barleys, malts, hops and yeast, as well as all the best and latest homebrewing equipment, we are your one stop shop for homemade beer and wine. We have experts on staff who love to share their knowledge and hear about others brewing experiences. We also offer classes, from beginners to advanced. If it has to do with beer, wine or cheese, Castle Rock Homebrew Supply is the place for you.

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