Castle Rock Has Unbeatable Prices on Ball Locks

Think you can beat our prices? Think again!

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Castle Rock has competitive prices on ball lock kegs for your homebrew

So, a little bird came into the shop one day and said “hey Eric, did you see this online deal for ball lock kegs?” I checked out this mysterious online competitor and indeed, their prices were amazing. But, in true “do it yourself” fashion, I called my supplier, told them about the deal and lo and behold, they were ready to compete.

NSF Approved Ball Lock Kegs for $88.98 at Castle Rock

Not only can we beat this online competitor (who shall remain nameless) when it comes to low low prices, but the ball locks that we offer are NSF approved, and not of the Chinese variety. This is the best deal you can hope for and still get a quality product. Get it while supplies last at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply. If you are near Denver or Colorado Springs, this is the place to go for the best deals on quality homebrew equipment.

Castle Rock has the largest inventory of quality homebrew equipment

Electric brew equipment from Blichmann will help control you homebrew

Electric brew equipment from Blichmann will help control you homebrew

At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply we want the best for your homebrew. That is why we only deal with the highest quality NSF approved equipment. Stop by and check out our inventory of custom brew pots, Blichmann electric brew equipment, fermenters and much more. And if we don’t have it, or if you know how to beat our prices, then let us know. As you can see, we will compete with the best deals out there. See you at the shop. Cheers!


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