Choosing the Right Hop for your Homebrew

Right now Castle Rock Homebrew Supply is taking orders for your very own hops rhizomes. If you’ve mastered the art of the fresh-grain brew, then take the next step and start growing your own hop garden.

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Beer isn’t beer without hops

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John Palmer categorizes hops into Bittering Hops and Aroma Hops.

We’ve talked about the importance of hops in beer. And not just in the pale ales. No beer would be beer, if they didn’t have a little hop to provide balance and a signature aroma or flavor in each beer. It is the bitter agent providing giving a bright and balanced finish when added to the sweet, sugary malt. But with so many varieties of hops, the choice can be overwhelming, even to the most experienced of brewers. So let’s go over a few hop-pointers from the master of the homebrew: John Palmer.

Bittering and aroma hops

Hops can be divided into two categories: Bittering and Aroma. It goes without saying that the Bittering Hops are higher in acid and added at the beginning of your boil, and the Aroma Hops that tend to lend flavor and aroma to your beer. And then there are all the ones in between, but for the sake of keeping this simple, let’s stick to the two categories. Once you’ve become more experienced with the homebrew, you can branch out and start experimenting with different hops. The staff at Castle Rock is always ready to answer questions, and we can help you guide you in the direction of the right hops for your style of beer.

A hop for every flavor and style at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply in Colorado

Beer isn't beer without hops.

Beer isn’t beer without hops.

At Castle Rock we have Colorado’s largest selection of hops for your homebrew. And now we are taking orders for rhizomes so that you can grow your own hops. Most of our hops come from Hop Union LLC that boasts over 120 varieties from all around the world. Like the experience homebrewing staff at Castle Rock, they share our belief that your beer is only as good as its ingredients, so we provide our customers with premium quality ingredients from the brew kettle to the grains, to the hops, to the Corny keg and draft equipment. Doesn’t your homebrew deserve the very best? Stop by Castle Rock and get your premium grain, hops and brew equipment for the best prices available. And if you want a hardcopy of Hop Union’s Hop Guide, we’ve got one of those, too!


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