Colorado Organic Hops & Colorado Native Beer

Colorado and the Craft Beer Industry have flourished in such a way, for very particular reasons.

Many of which probably couldn’t be reproduced anywhere else in the world even if we wanted. It is the same case with great crops and Beer hop treesproducts derived from those crops in gifted places around the planet.  But there are some things that can be taken from the Colorado Craft Beer Industry and can be  used in other fields.

A healthy economy like the case of craft beer in Colorado, creates direct and indirect jobs. Like the case of hop growers in Colorado, naturally if you are a brewer in Colorado, care about your community and feel passionate about your beer. Most likely you will want to buy locally to other individuals who share that passion with you. The same goes with the people that make your bottles, your logo, yeast, barley etc.   In many ways that is precisely what Craft means. Caring more about the finished product, and how it was made, than cutting corners to speed up the process and make a bigger profit.

Take a look at this video about Colorado Native Beer & Rising Sun Farms, I believe you will find it very interesting.


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