Craft Beer Documentary: Mainstream Beer Is Simply NOT Enough!

Maybe it is because everything has already been invented, or we realized that overly processed goods lose a great deal of their essence.  But there is a new and growing tendency of craft production. Most of the things we eat and drink are being rethought and produced in a new way, a better way. A way in which bringing out the best in the finished product is priority number one. Production schedules, and reduction of costs or time efficiency have no place in the minds of the craftsmen and pioneers of this new, better world of consumption goods.

The brewing world has not been the exception!Belgian Dark  Beer

Beer has been with us humans for quite a while and it does not seem to be going anywhere. On the contrary it is evolving in many different and exciting ways. This is in part thanks to the home brewing movement! Think about it, home brewing is where everything got started in the first place. If a person has an unstoppable passion for brewing, chances are he will create his first beers in his home, over and over he will perfect and master his trade. And if things work out, he might leap into opening a micro brewery.

Beer making supplies That’s why we wanted to bring you this short documentary on the passionate world of craft beer and the people behind these one of a kind creations…


We simply want more variety, better quality and less mass production.

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