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In our constant effort of supplying the home brewer’s, wine aficionado & the home cheese maker every need we have in stock some specialty items that will come in handy. We also can order any item you might need that we do not have in our inventory at that point. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or comments.

Cheese Making Supplies

We carry beginner cheese making supplies, books, vegetable rennet, wax and starter cultures.

white wine and cheese plate


Draft Supplies

We have a very large selection of faucets, couplers, corny kegs, tubing and all the accessories to put homebrew and commercial kegs on tap in your home. Plus, we fill CO2 tanks.




We carry a large selection of fruit additives such as extracts for flavouring beer or soda and fruit purees which can be added to beer or fermented alone for a fantastic wine.



Gifts and Books

We have a large selection of Books for the brewer and wine maker. We also carry t shirts and antique tin signs which are perfect for the garage or bar area.


Measuring Instruments

Hydrometers, Refractometers, thermometers and temperature controllers.


Other Useful Servicescorker-floor

We offer a floor corker rental, fruit press rental, and we can also make a perfect hole in a stainless kettle for a ½” MPT fitting.




Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has one of the largest and growing selections of beer, cheese and wine-making supplies in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. We started the businesses out of our own passion for home brewed beer and decided to teach others for to brew as well. We are proud to be able to offer a diverse ingredient list and packaging sizes that allow the beginner extract brewer to make very diverse beer. Stop by our store anytime! Or contact us online we’ll be happy to help you get a piece of equipment or answer your questions.

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