Did you know there’s a great wine making class Oct30th at 6pm?

Wine Tasting Etiquette

When people are into wine they are really into wine. But there’s also others that just look at wine as either red or white… And that’s ok too!

By the way, there’s a great wine making class in a couple weeks, October 30, hurry and save your spot so you can come to CastleRock and  join us!

When you are just starting out making your own wine, you need a few guidelines to help you become more of an expert. And to become an expert, you need to try out a few wines and learn how to decipher the different notes of floral, fruit, earth and spice. And don’t forget to say something about the body of the wine.

This great scene brings us the seriousness of wine tasting, but reminds us not to take it all so seriously after all… Pour a glass and have some fun!

For home made wine, come to Castle Rock Homebrew Supply tonight 6pm

Castle Rock Home Brew logoIf you want to know more about how to brew your own fine wine, talk to us at Castle Rock Home Brew Supplies. We have great classes like the on Wine Making October 30th at 6pm,  but we also have beer making classes, for both the first timer and the seasoned brewer. If you can make cool-aid, then you can make wine. All you need is quality home brew Winexpert wine kits from Castle Rock Home Brew Supplies, some space and a lot of patience.

With great patience, comes great wine. You just need to know how to balance your wine from the beginning. Stop by today, and be on your way to becoming your very own vintner.

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