Drinking Wine is Good For Your Heart and Health

Drink to your health

We’ve already talked about the benefits of drinking beer. Now let’s take a look at how awesome wine is for your health. Who knew drinking wine and beer could be so good for you! This will also help you out when your spouse, partner or roommate start complaining about all the time you are spending on your home made winemaking. Although, if you’re using our Winexpert wine kits, the results should be good enough to make your loved ones stop “wine-ing”.

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Home made wine is good for your wallet and your heart

Benefits of drinking homemade wine

In 2007, the people of Finland – mostly known for their love of Vodka, knives and saunas – set out to study the benefits of drinking wine. 2,468 men were studied over a 29 year period, and in the end, the conclusion was that people who drink wine have a 34% lower mortality rate that those who go for beer and spirits. On top of that, the gentlemen of Harvard discovered that moderate wine drinkers are 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack thank non-drinkers. And just when it couldn’t get more fancy than a Harvard study, the Queen Mary University in London discovered that the tannins in Red-wine, especially those from Sardinia and Southwest France, will aid in protecting you from heart disease. These are just a few of the benefits of drinking wine, but there are many more. It seems that the whole world has studied the benefits of drinking wine and the results are amazing, from reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, cataracts and colon cancer.

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Making your own wine is easy, fun and good for your health

Making your own wine is easy, fun and good for your health


The benefits of making your own wine

At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, just 20 minutes from Colorado Springs, we have everything you need to become an expert vintner. Not only will you be doing something that is good for you, but you will also save money on buying expensive wines by making your own, plus you’ll get to impress all your friends and family with your skills. It’s a win, win, win situation. Stop by our store and start drinking to your health.

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