Drop the Domestic Beer and Treat Your Super Bowl Guests to a Homebrew

We’re nearing one of the biggest drinking days of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. It is a day of gluttony all around, with staggering amounts of alcohol, junk food and trips to the bathroom. It’s a day when everyone puts their new year’s “gotta lose weight somehow” resolutions on hold and celebrate America’s favorite pastime. We can get back to that diet on Monday, because Super Bowl Sunday is for beer, food, parties, friends and football.

Drop the domestic brands this Super Bowl Sunday and treat your guest to tasty home brews

Drop the domestic brands this Super Bowl Sunday and treat your guest to tasty home brews

Over 90% of beer sold on Super Bowl Sunday are domestic brands

On Super Bowl Sunday we as a country will likely consume over 1 billion chicken wings. And we’re going to spend over $1 billion on beer to wash down the chicken wings. And that’s just on the beer that we buy and consume at private super bowl parties. What is an unfortunate trend, is that 94.1 % of beers consumed on Super Bowl Sunday are domestic brands like Bud, Miller and Coors. These beer may serve well for you dorm room keggers, but now that you’re an adult, it’s time to step up your beer selection for Super Bowl Sunday. And the best way to do that is to brew your own craft beer. As a beer and wine enthusiast, and part of the team at one of Colorado’s best homebrew supply store, it is a shame that so many Americans are still reaching for sub-par beer on the most holy of all Sundays. That is why we decided to start Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, to allow fellow beer lovers the chance to make high quality beer right in their own home. Brewing something from scratch, choosing freely from the freshest ingredients that Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has to offer, and becoming a master of the homebrew through hard work, passion and determination is as American as football and Buffalo wings.

pouring beer

Get the perfect pour for your homebrew with a home draft system from Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Get a complete home draft system at Castle Rock for you homebrew

Roughly 20 million people will be attending a Super Bowl Party on Sunday, February 1st, 2015. Together we will consume over 325 gallons of beer. That’s a lot of cans and bottles needed. Or you can go to Castle Rock and talk to our staff about putting your homebrew on tap with the draft equipment, Corny kegs, tubing, faucets and couplers that we have available for just such an occasion. Having a home kegging system to serve your homebrew is the best way to ensure that your beer is being served the way it was intended for maximum flavor and aromas. Plus, it’s going to save you a whole lot of cleaning up after the game. For all you homebrewing supplies, including fresh grains, hops and quality yeast, stop by Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, near Colorado Springs, Colorado.



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