Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

A little inspiration to help your Irish toasts

You’re stout is brewing and you’ve already pulled your “kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirt from the back of the closet. Now all you need is to read up on your Irish toasts and you’ll be ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th.

Classic Irish toasts for St. Patrick’s Day

A toast for St. Patrick's Day

A toast for St. Patrick’s Day

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No one has a way with words and poetry like a drunk Irishman (or woman), so I’ve compiled a few traditional and non-traditional toast and phrases so that we can all be Irish for a day. First, the traditional Saint Patrick’s Day toast:

Saint Patrick was a gentleman,

Who through strategy and stealth,

Drove all the snakes from Ireland,

Here’s a toasting to his health.

But not too many toastings

Lest you lose yourself and then

Forget the good Saint Patrick

And see all those snakes again.

‘Bennachtam na Feile Padraig!’

(Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)


“A bird with one wing can’t fly” is supposedly said to encourage your mates to take a second drink. As if anyone needs encouragement!

“It is better to spend money like there is no tomorrow, than to spend tonight like there’s no money”. Truer words have never been spoken.

And finally…

“Here’s to being single…
Drinking doubles…
And seeing triple!”

A nice Irish Stout for St. Patrick's Day

A nice Irish Stout for St. Patrick’s Day


Aaaand one more, because you can never have too many toast on St. Patrick’s Day.

“My friends are the best friends
Loyal, willing and able.
Now let’s get to drinking!
All glasses off the table!”


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