Follow Your Passion! It can make a difference!

Things are heading “back to basics”, we as humans have started to comprehend the more is not better. And the things that many of us thought made our life better actually did the opposite.  There is a strong number of people, transferring there passion and beliefs into the products they produce. Less is in fact more, and any chef, brewer, mixologist or any person passionate about anything will tell you the same.

Beekeeping has always appealed to me, it produces honey and you get to have many pets! So it is a win win situation ;-)



Bees from city apiaries are said to be “healthier and more productive than their country cousins”. Their presence also provides cities with environmental and economic benefits. Bees pollinate a wide variety of plants, and the honey they produce is often sold to local restaurants and in local shops. Most cities in North America at one time prohibited the keeping of bees, but in recent years beekeepers have had success in overturning bee bans. Many urban areas now regulate beekeeping




* New Products – We have added several grains and products. Grains include Gleneagles Marris Otter a Scottish floor malted variety darker than your standard marris otter, Crystal 10, and Carafa Special II. See below for other new products.

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Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has one of the largest and growing selections of beer, cheese and wine-making supplies in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. We started the businesses out of our own passion for home brewed beer and decided to teach others for to brew as well. We are proud to be able to offer a diverse ingredient list and packaging sizes that allow the beginner extract brewer to make very diverse beer. Stop by our store anytime! Or contact us online we’ll be happy to help you get a piece of equipment or answer your questions.

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