Get Your Complete Home Brew Set Up at Castle Rock

At Castle Rock Homebrew we are always tooling around with the latest homebrewing equipment, or looking at old set ups and seeing how we can improve them for the best homebrew possible. We welcome anyone to stop by the shop and check out our sets, get some inspiration and maybe share your own brew tips with the homebrewing community. It’s all about sharing knowledge and experience.

Customer Electric Brewing Set-Ups

Castle Rock Customer Brew Set Up 2

Another customer’s home brew propane set up. Pretty impressive!

Check out these homebrewing set ups that our customers have shared with us. Blichmann’s has great new electrical brewing equipment and we love to see the set ups that our customers come up with. At Castle Rock, we are in the process of setting up our own brand new brew system. As soon as it is done, we’ll be showing it off at our All Grain classes, so you can look forward to that.

Check out this customers home brew set up with Blichmann's electrical brew equipment.

Check out this customers home brew set up with Blichmann’s electrical brewing equipment, including the Blichmann Boil-Coil.

Get your homebrew equipment at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

We’ve got the latest Blichmann electrical brew equipment available – or we can order it for you – at the lowest prices allowable. We want  you to have the best without breaking the bank. This is why we also test all the equipment that we sell, because we won’t recommend a product unless we would use it ourselves. We also have great deals available of brew kettles. And we can custom make any of our brew pots to fit your brew needs. And, in case you didn’t hear us the first time we said it, no one beats our prices on brew kettles! Stop by today and give your homebrew set up a little upgrade. You brew deserves the best, and Castle Rock has it.


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