Gift Yourself Great Beer by Avoiding these Beginner Mistakes

Learn From Our Beginner Homebrew Mistakes

It is a rare occurrence that when you start something new, you succeed right away. When it comes to homebrewing, mistakes are bound to happen. Hopefully you’ll learn from those mistakes and push through the difficult beginner flubs, but they can also be very discouraging. At Castle Rock Homebrew we’ve seen and done it all and we love to teach and impart our knowledge and experience on others. So, if you’re just starting out, here’s a “look out for these common beginner brew mistakes” list.

Stainless steel brewing equipment is much easier to clean than plastic

Stainless steel brewing equipment is much easier to clean than plastic

Sanitation is important when you are brewing at home

Brewers yeast is a very important factor in homebrewing great beer. At Castle Rock, we have over 100 strains of the best yeast in the country. But an unsanitary brewing environment will allow for wild yeast and bacteria to get into your wort and start fermenting your beer. You want to avoid this at all costs. Any advanced brewer will tell you how important the selection and strain of yeast is to the flavor of your beer. Letting any old yeast handle the fermentation of your wort will leave your beer sour and be overpowered with phenolic flavors. Keep your brew station and brewing equipment spotless, so that the only ingredients that goes into your brew are intentional and don’t sneak in there ruining your hard work just because you skimped on the sanitation.

Keep your homebrew simple

Brewing your own beer is incredibly simple, but beginners can get overwhelmed by reading too many manuals, beer forums and books that over complicate things and will leave your head hurting. And not because you drank too much homebrew, but because the amount of minutia and details that people share online. Once you start to master the art of brewing beer, then you can start adding more and more techniques. But when you are just starting out, keep it simple.

Hops and grains

Even the simples homebrew deserves the freshest grains and hops

DO control your fermentation temperatures

We already mentioned the importance of a good strain of yeast to make your homebrew successful. But you have to do more than just buy high quality yeast. Once you start fermenting your wort, it is absolutely essential that you stay in control of the fermentation-temperature. Yeast likes to work under very strict conditions. Follow the direction on the package. This is one step that requires accuracy and should not be taken lightly.

electric brew temperature controller

Castle Rock Homebrew Supply has all the latest toys to help you keep track of your brew temperatures

Take your time with your first homebrew

This is basically just an extension of keeping your beginner brew simple. Once you start to get the hang of it, start adding new techniques or new steps one at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying out too many things at once. Taking it one step at a time will also help you get a better understanding of how different techniques affect your brew.

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Learn to homebrew at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply we have new and very affordable 8 and 15 gallon tri-ply stainless kettles with welded fittings. These are much easier to clean and maintain, making sure you are brewing in sanitary conditions. Plastic equipment are more susceptible to scratches where bacteria can hide and ruin your homebrew. We also have the largest selection of grains at incredible prices for anyone wanting to buy in bulk. And then there’s the yeast. We know the importance of good yeast. That is why we only carry the best liquid yeast in the industry from WYEAST, White Labs and our local supplier, Inland Island. We also carry dry brewer’s yeast from Lallemande, Fermentis and Mangrove Jack. We have all you need; you just have to mix it together. If you want a little extra help, come and check out our homebrewing classes. Good luck, and welcome to the club.


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