Good Uses for Bad Beer

Don’t Let Bad Beer Go To Waste

When you’re just starting out homebrewing beer, you know that you are going to make mistakes. It’s rare that anyone’s first batch ends up winning any blue ribbons. But you learn from your mistakes, and you keep going and find a good use for that questionable batch you just made.

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4 good solutions to bad beer

1. Cook your bad beer and make it delicious

The most obvious thing to do with a questionable (or downright bad) batch of beer is to use it in your cooking. Especially those batches that turn out a little too malt heavy. Submerge your steaks, chops and roasts in the beer and slow cook it until it falls off the bone – if there is a bone.

2. Bed beer makes great bug bait

Tired of snails and slugs eating up your garden? Your bad batch of brew may just be the solution. Apparently snails and slugs love beer. Can you blame them? Even bad beer! Just leave a little dish of beer out for these little buggers and they’ll come running. It’s not really the beer, but rather the smell of yeast that attract them. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well for the snails.

3. Add hops to mask the bad beer flavor

A hoppy IPA is all the rage these days. If your beer has gone bad, just start adding hops and more hops to mask the unwanted flavors. It may just work, especially if you tell everyone this is exactly how you intended the beer to turn out. This leads me to the last great use for bad art

4. Everyone loves a free beer

There’s no such thing as a really horrible batch of beer. And if you tell your friends and family that you are just starting out and this is your first try, then everyone will forgive the slightly subpar flavors. It’s like telling your kid who is just learning to play the piano “that sounds great, honey,” when in reality it sounds like….well, we all know what it sounds like. It sounds like your bad beer tastes. But, true friends are the ones who drink your home brewed beers before they become world famous craft brews. Plus, who says no to a free beer.

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