Happy New Year from Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Be hangover free in 2015….maybe

Most of us will spend the first moments of 2015 calling for a pizza and chugging water and pain killers. Okay, there are some that know how to still have a good time on New Year’s Eve without going overboard, but some of us also end up with a hangover even though we didn’t feel like we overindulged on fine wines, champagne and beer. This New Year’s eve, drink responsibly and avoid a hangover.

pouring beer

While you are waiting for our beer to be poured, drink a glass of water

Drink in moderation and drink water, water and more water

There are a lot of rhymes and reasons that people will give you for why they have a hangover. “Wine before liquor, never sicker” or “liquor before beer, never fear” or

Beginner brewing kit

Control the alcohol content by brewing your own beer

“beer before wine, drunk as a swine”. Some will also blame cheap alcohol, or dark beverages, or sugary mixed drinks. But, the one thing we know for sure if that a hangover is certain if you don’t drink enough water. You can go for the pizza, you can go for the hair of the dog, but what will really get you back on track is replenishing fluids. So before you go crazy this New Year’s eve, remind yourself to keep drinking water throughout the night. Sounds boring, I know, but aren’t you tired of spending the first day of a new year with the curtains drawn and stuffing your body with grease and sugar? And if you’re one of the many who have vowed to lose weight in 2015, this New Year’s day hangover menu means you are already one step behind on your resolution.

Start brewing your own beer and wine in 2015

Come to Castle Rock Homebrew Supply and get your starter kits from Winexpert or choose from our large selection of grains to start making your own beer and wine at home. Making your own is not only fun and rewarding, but you can control the amount of alcohol, and maybe lessen the after effects of a successful party. Drink responsible. And drink well, with your own home made beer and wine. See you at Castle Rock.

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