Homebrewing Session Beer for Your Next Event

How did you Super Bowl party turn out? Did you end up drinking too many homebrews and feeling stuffed and sloppy for days? If you felt that the delicious homebrews you served filled people up and got them too drunk too fast, then you may want to try the fine homebrewing art of “session beers”. They are still big on

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Make your next homebrew more “sessionable” for the next all day event

flavor, but light on alcohol so you can keep drinking and partying all night long.

Session beers are big on flavor, light in alcohol percentage

Craft beers are delicious and add a little class to your party besides serving cans of domestic cheap beer. But if you’re planning on going all night long, then you may want to check the alcohol percentage. Some craft beers have up to 15 percent alcohol, but even the most common 6 percent brews will knock you out prematurely. If you brewed your own beer, then you should more or less know what the alcohol percentage is, and if you brewed your own, you should also be able to make your next batch more “sessionable”. You can still pack in big flavors, but the alcohol won’t exceed 4 percent making session beers perfect for longer events, like the Super Bowl.

Homebrewing session beers

light beer with foam

Session beers are big on flavor and aromas, but light in alcohol content. Great for long events.

Brewing a session beer is no more or less difficult that brewing “regular” beers. However, with a session beer, you have to be very technically precise. With a lighter beer, it will be harder to mask unwanted flavors that can occur during the brewing process, so brew with a light hand. However, if you succeed you will have a light, flavorful, aromatic and low alcohol homebrew to serve up at your next event.

Castle Rock has everything you need to homebrew session beers

Castle Rock Home Brew logoAt Castle Rock we carry fresh grains, hops and yeast. We have the largest on site selection of homebrew ingredients in Colorado, as well as a number of extract kits available for a successful homebrew. Talk to the expert staff about tuning your next batch of homebrew into session beers, so you don’t incapacitate your guest at the next all day event. We are always willing to answer any questions. Stop by anytime or shoot us an email with your questions. While you are here, check out our grain discount program and our homebrew starter kits. Get a custom brew pot or invest in some Blichmann electric brewing equipment. We’ve got it all at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply near Colorado Springs and Denver.

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