How to Properly Store Your Home Made Wine

Tips to storing your wine

There are a million different designs to store your wine, from simple wine racks to custom designed wine cellars. But one thing every design has in common is that it forces you to store your wine on its side. And there’s a good reason for that. Storing your wine on its side can save your wine. And when you’ve worked for months to perfect your homemade wine technique, don’t ruin it all by storing your wine improperly.

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Oxygen is necessary for aging your homemade wine

If you are trying to age your latest homemade batch of wine, storing it vertically is the quickest way to ruin it. When it comes to aging your wine, oxygen is your friend, but it’s one of those friends that you can only hang out with for so long before you need a break. When it comes to aging wine, you want to give it just enough oxygen to help the chemicals in your wine build its flavor compounds, but not so much that it becomes too acidic and vinegary. Know when to say when, when it comes to oxygen, and storing your wine on its side is the best solution to keeping too much oxygen from ruining your wine.

The cork is like an oxygen shield protecting your wine

When you store your wine on its side, the cork gets wet and expands to fit the bottle. Believe it or not, a glass bottle will also expand and contract slightly depending on the temperature it is stored in, and the cork is a perfect mate that will expand and contract with the bottle, always creating the perfect seal. It is this give and take type relationship between bottle and cork that keeps your wine from getting too much oxygen as it is aging to perfection. Storing the bottle upright will keep the cork dry, eliminating its ability to move with the bottle and protect your wine. In fact, a dry cork will shrink, leaving a bigger passage for oxygen to get to your wine.

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Alternatives to cork for bottling homemade wine

Due to many variables, many have switched from cork to screw caps. The cork alternatives have their pros and cons. The biggest being, that a screw cap has a stigma for being a cheap bottle of wine. Today, this doesn’t always ring true, but the association is still there. But cork is in short demand and the need for new “corking” technology is increasing. Some may argue that a cork will breathe better than its modern alternatives, but todays advances in screw cap technology has brought on screw caps with calculated levels of oxygen entering the bottle, and can be more precise and reliable when it comes to aging your wine.

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