Mixing Business and Pleasure: Tales of a Homebrewer

What do you do if you are a professor of percussion and an avid homebrewer? You make a home draft system out of a marching drum, of course. This is exactly what one homebrewer from Aberdeen, North Dakota did to combine his hobby and his livelihood: beer and percussion. As a homebrewer, I am always looking to see what others in our community come up with. This is an ever evolving craft, and there’s just no limit to what we can do.

Tell us about your unique homebrew set-ups. Like this one from a Castle Rock customer.

Tell us about your unique homebrew set-ups. Like this one from a Castle Rock customer.

Making a kegerator out of an old marching drum

I came across a great little article in the Aberdeen News about a percussion professor, Terry Beckler, and homebrewing enthusiast. Beckler has been homebrewing (and teaching) since 1990, so he has had plenty of experience. With 25 years of homebrewing experience, it was time to test new waters and he decided to try something unique when it came to his home draft system, his kegerator and his “keezer” (a freezer that holds the keg, instead of the usual refrigerator). And with a little innovation, Beckler came up with the unique tap system a top of his four keg keezer: a 1960’s wooden drum, with three equally unique taps made by Beckler at a local ceramics class. This is awesome and inspiring to all of us in the homebrew community.

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Share your unique homebrew or draft system experiences

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The homebrewing community is all about sharing your successes, as well as your failures. We can all learn from both, and it is the comradery and the love of the homebrew that makes us better and better at the craft we love. Come to Castle Rock Homebrew to learn, share and stock up of the freshest grains, hops and yeasts in Colorado. Then check out our latest deals on homebrewing equipment, kegerators, NSF approved kegs and home draft systems. Your brew is only as good as the ingredients you use, and Castle Rock has only the best of the best. Come join our Castle Rock homebrew community and share your stories.

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