Must See TedX Episode: Zen & The Art of Craft Beer

I am currently taking a course, and during one of my assignments I read that: “When you have passion for something, you are willing to suffer for it”. I consider myself a passionate person for better and worse so naturally the thought stuck to me. If you actually feel passionate about anything in your life you will automatically understand what that means. Weather it is waking up at 4 am and putting your running shoes on, when you should be sleeping like all the other humans. Or pushing yourself to pursue goals that naturally seem very hard to an outside person, but for you it is the only way to go… moving forward.

For many years I was literally terrified I was not gonna be able to live my dream life, that I was bound to pay bills and work 9 to 5 in a concrete air conditioned box. But I broke free, took my punches and stumbles along the way (and calls from banks) but it worked out. I followed my dreams and came out the other side a better, more complete person, that could leave this world tomorrow having lived!




I really hope you like this episode!

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