National Homebrew Day Celebration on May 2nd, 2015

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Pick a homebrew recipe and get ready to celebrate International Homebrew Day and toast with the rest of the homebrew community world wide.

The year was 1988, on the 7th day in May, and on this day it was announced before congress that from this day forth, May 7th would hereby forever be known as National Homebrew Day! In order to celebrate this glorious day, the American Homebrew Association created AHA Big Brew Day, an annual celebration for the whole world to celebrate together. Big Brew Day is always held on the first Saturday of May, and this year, that is Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.

Big Brew Day 2014 Stats

Last year’s celebrations were a blast. There were 437 of them in total, 49 states and 14 countries. 2,200 batches of beer were made, 17,500 gallons brewed. That’s pretty impressive. But as the popularity of homebrewing continues to grow, I’ll be amazed if the 2015 celebrations aren’t bigger and better than last year.

AHA 2015 homebrew recipes

In anticipation of AHA Big Brew Day celebrations around the world, Gordon Strong (AHA Ninkasi Award winner and current BJCP President) is releasing a few medal-winning recipes for all you homebrewers to try out. If you start now, you’ll have your batches ready for toasting and celebrating on May 2nd.

Columbus Pale Ale recipe

Castle Rock has the largest selection of hops varieties in Colorado.

Castle Rock has the largest selection of hops varieties in Colorado.

The Pale Ale is perhaps the most popular style of beer in the world. Strong’s recipe is Pale Ale is one of the most popular styles in the world. The Columbus Pale Ale calls for “Columbus Hops”, of course, but you can always chose to switch out the Columbus with your own favorite variety of hops.

Old School Barleywine recipe

This year will be the 19th Big Brew Day celebration, and in honor of that the AHA is doing a throwback to the Old School Barleywine that homebrewers were encouraged to brew on the first celebration. It’s quite an aggressive, but delicious, beer with big malt and big hops flavors and aromas.

Killer Kolsch recipe

Looking for a way to twist the original Kolsch recipe, AHA director Gary Glass decided to try a coffee variation of the Kolsch. Using a condiment dispenser, Glass brewed a concentrated batch of cold steeped coffee and simply added it to the Kolsch.

Get your Big Brew Day homebrew ingredients at Castle Rock

Get your best grains, hops and yeast strains at Castle Rock.

Get your best grains, hops and yeast strains at Castle Rock.

Get your Big Brew Day brews ready for the simultaneous celebratory toast at noon CDT on May 2, 2015! You can check out all the 2015 recipes released by the AHA, and then head to Castle Rock Homebrew Supply for all the fresh grains, hops, yeast and brew equipment you need to brew a batch of beer for the big celebration. We have everything you need to brew award winning beer. For homebrewers near Denver, Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, this is the place to shop for quality ingredients, equipment, kegs and bottles. No one beats our high standards, or our low prices. Cheers!


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