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Yeast fermentation temperatures in wine will have a large impact on your final product’s flavors and aromas.

Most wine yeast will stop all fermentation below 40°F and produce off flavors above 100°F, but fermenting near these temperatures is not ideal. Fruity wine-making-08080-lg-12478528white wines should be kept cool, between 45°F and 70°F to preserve volatile aromatics and produce a full mouth feel. Volatile aromatic compounds are present in the skin and juice of the grape berry and tend to vaporize quickly producing a full aroma. During a warmer fermentation, the rigor and draft of CO2 from the fermentation will take the fruity esters with it out of the wine. Red wines should typically be fermented between 70°F and 85°F to reduce fruitiness.

The higher temperatures will allow more color and tannin extraction from skins.

While different yeasts will act differently under different temperatures, the average wine maker can take advantage of the seasons to ferment at the right temperature. Most home enthusiasts make wine kits year round and this is an advantage a vineyard lacks. If you are without a temperature controller, chances are you can find a place in your house in the low 70s in July and August. Take advantage of this and make a red wine this summer. Remember the fermentation will add a few degrees temperature to the must. Record your temperatures every time you ferment and consider the impacts later when you taste and smell your wine. If you are making a kit, and vary from their specified temperature, the timing of each step will change. Be patient and wait for the wine to finish each step. Cooler temperatures will make the kit take longer and warmer temperatures faster.

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If you want to experiment with different temperatures all year, we can help. We carry the equipment and knowledge to help you build a heating and/or cooling fermentation chamber.

 Stop by our store anytime! Or contact us online we’ll be happy to help you get a piece of equipment or answer your questions.

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Remember – it is your homemade wine, so make it how you want and experiment to get the flavors and aromas you want in the finished product.

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