Additives, Sugars

Includes corn sugars, lactose, Belgian candi sugars and syrups, flavor infused Belgian candi syrup, herbs and spices, honey, brewing salts, preservatives, clarifying agents and finings.


Includes Beer and Wine bottles, corks and caps, corkers and cappers, bottle trees, fast rack bottle storage system, wine bottle labels, pvc capsules for wine bottles.


We carry beginner cheese making supplies, books, vegetable rennet, wax and starter cultures.


5 Star cleaning and sanitizing products, plus one step. Bottle rinsers and powered drill bottle and carboy cleaning brushes.


A very large selection of faucets, couplers, corny kegs, tubing and all the accessories to put homebrew and commercial kegs on tap in your home. Plus, we fill CO2 tanks.


Includes all of the Briess Liquid Extract prepackaged in 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 lb increments. Most of our packaging is in foil mylar bags for ease of transportation and use. Briess Dry Malt Extract comes in 1 and 3 lb increments. We also carry Muntons extra light DME.


We carry a large selection of stainless and some brass fittings for all of your plumbing needs. Ball valves, barbs, quick cam lock connectors, garden hose fittings, and much more.


We carry a large selection of fruit additives such as extracts for flavouring beer or soda and fruit purees which can be added to beer or fermented alone for a fantastic wine.

Gifts and Books

We have a large selection of Books for the brewer and wine maker. We also carry t shirts and antique tin signs which are perfect for the garage or bar area.


Hydrometers, Refractometers, thermometers and temperature controllers.


We offer a floor corker rental, fruit press rental, and we can also make a perfect hole in a stainless kettle for a ½” MPT fitting.

Tubing and Clamps

We have all of the brewing vinyl and silicone tubing and draft beer line you need. Plus, all of the clamps to hold it together.

Wine Equipment

Fermenters, stir rods, wine filters and replacement filter pads.

Wine ingredients/Wood Aging

We carry wood chips and barrel spirals, both American and French Oak. Our wine ingredients are seasonal when we can get fresh grapes or juice. Selection will vary.