People Who Love Great Tasting Beer Make Fun of SuperBowl Commercial

Did you watch the Super Bowl commercials? In one fell swoop, Budweiser managed to poke fun, look down upon and diss every non-macrobrewer out there. And it only cost them $8 million to do it!

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This is not a Bud

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You’re not the only one who noticed that apparently not everyone likes people who like great tasting beer.  At Castle Rock, we love all people who love beer. Any beer. As long as you brewed it yourself. We also got the classic “tug at your heart strings” good old fashioned beer commercial with a puppy and some Clydesdales. But this year, the macro brewer also saw it fit to throw a few punches at the “hipster homebrewers” and craft beer lovers. Why? Not quite sure. Trying to be funny, maybe? It certainly got the craft and homebrew community frothing at the mouth. Before the Super Bowl was even over, the craft brew community had already hit back.

The Original:

The Crafty Comeback:

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A 60 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl runs for about $8 million. At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, you can get a complete homebrew starter kit, fresh malts, hops and yeast, ball lock kegs, home draft system equipment for…well, it’s a lot less than $8 million dollars. Plus, brewing your own beer means never having to drink another Budweiser. Stop by Castle Rock. We’ll hook you up with everything you need to homebrew great tasting, satisfying beer you can be proud of.


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