Pre-Order Premium California Grapes By August 30th!!!

Lodi AVA is located in the Central Vallley, at the northern edge of the San Joaquin Valley and east of San Francisco Bay

This year we have selected a source in the Lodi American Viticultural Area that provides expertly selected grapes from their fields, then ships them in one refrigeration truck that makes multiple stops at Colorado Wineries only. There is simply no fresher and faster way to get California grapes. We expect a Saturday delivery in mid Sep to late October for reds and earlier for whites. The ability to aquire white varieties may depend on factors outside of our control, such as harvest time and total Colorado Winery order. In such case, we may offer an additional grape or juice order with another supplier.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Lodi has a Mediterranean Climate, with warm days and cool nights.


Click here to view our Catalog. Please order directly with Eric to ensure accurate orders.

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