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Order now and get your rhizomes by April 2015

I read somewhere once that growing your own hops is as easy as growing tomatoes. Well, I’ve tried to grow tomatoes, and growing hops is a million times easier and much more versatile. If you haven’t already tried, put in an order at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply now and get your rhizomes by April. You are already brewing your own beer from our selection of fresh grains; why not pick the hops straight from your own back yard?

Beer hop trees

Order your rhizomes from Castle Rock Homebrew Supply by February 27th, 2015

Your yearly hop rhizomes are ready for order at Castle Rock in Colorado

Growing your own hop rhizomes means planting roots taken from older plants. Order them now, and when they are ready in the spring they’ll be delivered straight to your door, ready for planting. At Castle Rock we’re pre-selling rhizomes for the low price of $4.99 per plant. We recommend that you order a few varieties so that you can experiment. Not every variety is going to want to grow in your yard. It all depends on the type of environment you can give your rhizomes. Some are more heat-resistant, others are more resistant to molds, pest and diseases. But once you get your hops to settle into your garden or flower bed, it tends to grow pretty tough.  Whatever the variety, make sure you can provide your rhizomes with at least 6-8 hours of full sun to really thrive. And give them a good trellis for the vines to snake around and help them grow vertically. Be prepared for your hops to grow up to 25ft, so choose a spot with plenty of space to grow!


Order a variety of hop rhizomes to help flavor your homebrew

The largest selection of fresh grains and hops in Colorado

Hops will take a while before they are ready for harvest. While you wait, check out our specials page for an itemized list of the malts available in our ongoing grain discount program, as well as all the brands we’ll be happy to special order for you. We also have Colorado’s largest selection of hops that you can experiment with while you wait for your own hops garden to grow. If fact, you’d be hard pressed to find anything that we don’t have when it comes to homebrewing and wine making. We even have everything you need to make your own cheese to go with your wine. See you at Castle Rock!



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