Beginner Homebrew Equipment Kit

Beginner brewing kit

6.5 Gallon Fermenter with lid, 6.5 Gallon bottle Bucket w/Spigot, 5 Gallon Better BottleĀ® Carboy (upgrade to glass for $10), “Home Beermaking” Book, Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, Triple Scale Hydrometer, Drilled Rubber Stopper, Liquid Crystal Thermometer, Lab Thermometer, Siphon Hose and Shut-Off Clamp, Brew Paddle, Airlock, Twin Lever Capper, Fermtech Auto Siphon, Bottle Filler, Bottle Brush, Equipment Instructions

Price: $124.95

Beginner Wine Equipment Kit

7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with lid, 6 gallon Better Bottle, Airlock, Better Bottle Plug, 5/16 Auto Siphon, 5′ of 5/16 hose, Double Lever Corker, 30 #8 Corks, Plastic Spoon, Powdered Brew Wash 2 oz, Star San Sanitizer 4 oz, Tripple Scale Hydrometer, 10″ Hydrometer Jar, Bottle Filler Cane

Price: $121

Build Your Own Wine Equipment Kit

Some of our customers want glass carboys and higher priced floor corkers. Build it all yourself and get 10% off the lot.

Price: 10% off