Beer Kits

We have assembled a variety of extract kits based on award winning recipes from homebrewers that have competed in the Front Range. Our kits are designed to allow the buyer to purchase dry or liquid yeast and the brewer to grab the freshest extract off the shelf. We also carry Brewer’s Best® brand pre-packaged kits. We encourage you to use other resources available in the store to make your own recipe such as the 80 recipe’s in Brewing Classic Styles by homebrew legends Jamil Zainashef and John Palmer.

Brewing, Bottling, Modifying

We have everything you need to brew and bottle, plus the odds and ends to build your own brew house.

Draft and Keg

If you need common parts to build a draft system and start kegging what you brew, we have it. If you want to build a custom system with parts we don’t have, we would love to special order it for you and will beat any price.

Other Brewing Equipment

We have Fermenters, Better Bottles, Carboys, Brew Kettles, Immersion and Plate Chillers, Nylon Bags, Airlocks, Stoppers, Propane Burners, and many accessories.