Rookie Home Winemaking Mistakes

Learn from our beginner wine making mistakes

We’ve covered the mistakes homebrewers make with their beer, but making homemade wine also has some common mistakes that every first timer will make. Hopefully this list will help first time wine makers not make so many first time mistakes.

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Must adjustment and homemade wine

Making too many adjustments to your must is a common first time mistake. Too many “tweaks” and additions will not make your wine better. In fact, it could ruin a perfectly good batch of wine simply because you just had to make a few more adjustments. With our Winexpert Wine Kits, it’s so easy to make great wine you may feel like you should be doing more. Don’t. Keep it simple.

Misunderstanding the evil power of oxygen

When carbon dioxide is blowing off after your primary and secondary fermentation, it is extremely vulnerable to oxygen, bad yeast and bacteria. You need to make sure that your wine is properly covered so that no unwanted oxygen and bacteria get into your wine. Once it is actively fermenting, your wine can withstand a little “roughing up”, but you must protect your wine in the early stages.

Misunderstanding the good power of oxygen

Oxygen isn’t all bad. You need oxygen for a healthy fermentation process. Learning how to use oxygen and when not to use it is the key to making a great wine at home.

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Keep a good record of your wine making process

When you are making wine, keep a good record of the conditions and the process. The same goes for making good beer. Conditions change, and keeping track of how all the little changes affect your wine will make future batches all the more successful. It’s all about the details.

Learn to make wine and beer at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

At Castle Rock Homebrew Supplies we love to share our experiences and our expertise with other wine, cheese and beer enthusiasts. If you are just getting started, stop by the store and check out our inventory of Winexpert Wine Kits. And if you want a little extra help before going off on your own, talk to us about our wine making class on Thursday, December 11th from 6-7:30. Reservations are required, but you will be making a wine kit from start to finish. This is the perfect beginning to your new future as a master vintner. See you at Castle Rock.

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