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We’ve talked about what we’ve got going on for the homebrewing community right here at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, so let’s take a look at what the news is highlighting in the homebrewing arena.

Craft Beer Samplers

Colorado is known for great craft beers. Go out and get inspired during Colorado Craft Beer Week.

Colorado Craft Beer Week

This week, starting March 21st, 2015 the Colorado Brewers Guild is proud to kick off the Colorado Craft Beer Week. It’s a nine day celebration of Colorado’s craft beer community. Brewers, pubs and restaurants throughout Colorado are putting on events to showcase Colorado’s unique craft beer community. Because if there’s one thing Colorado is good at, it’s brewing great craft beers. So, get out there Colorado homebrewers, and get inspired for your own next batch of homebrewed Colorado beer.

Sam Adams Homebrew Competition

Do you have the best homebrew in the West? Enter the Sam Adams LongShot Competition.

Sam Adams’ Long Shot Homebrew Competition

It all began with Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams, tooling around with a recipe for Boston Lager. And from his home kitchen, his Sam Adams craft beer empire was born, and since 1996, Jim Koch has been encouraging everyone to follow his lead. Each year, two lucky homebrewers can get their recipe reproduced and distributed. This year, the Sam Adams Long Shot Homebrew Competition is pitting the East vs. the West. Entries are due by May 1st. If you think you have the best homebrew in the West, then hurry up and submit your entry.

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