New Grain Discount Program (Local Customers Only)

We are now allowing you to buy a 50-55 lb bag of base malt and huge savings and “leave” it at the store.  You get what you need from our fresh malt bins, mill it and check out to reduce your balance at the cash register.  Ask us anytime for a print out of your Grain Balance.  Your bag you bought is really just pre-paying for a set amount grain.  This comes with huge advantages.

– You don’t need to store your grain or buy a mill

– Brew with the freshest grain every time.  If it takes you a year to use your bag, you will be getting fresher grain from our store than if you would have stored your bag at home.

– Save lots of Money!!!

Please Note: No discounts beyond our lower bag price  will be allowed for the “leave it here” type purchase.    If we switch brands or run out of stock you can substitute grain with a similar grain.

And of course you can still special order bags from these brands below

  • Briess Malts
  • Briess Liquid Malt Extracts
  • Great Western Malting Company (USA)
  • Avangard Matling (German)-Germany’s Largest Malster
  • Gambrinus (Canada)
  • Best Maltz (German)
  • Bairds UK Malts
  • Thomas Fawcett UK Malts
  • Franco Belges Belgian Malts
  • Grain Millers (Flaked types)
  • Castle Malting- Belgian
  • Crisp (UK)
  • Malt Company of Ireland
  • Pategonia Malting
  • Shill- German
  • Weyermann
  • Simpson- UK
  • Rahr