Start Brewing Your Own Beer and Wine in 2015

Happy 2015, Homebrewers!

It’s a new year and everyone has a clean slate and most likely a long bucket list of things they finally want to try, get done or do better than the previous year. At Castle Rock Homebrew, we’ve made brewing your own wine and beer easier than ever. We have everything you need in one shop. There’s no excuse. Jump on the homebrew wagon and start doing it yourself. It’s both fun and rewarding.

Celebrate "Learn to Home Brew Day" at Castle Rock on November 1st.

Get everything you need to homebrew at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply in Colorado

Affordable brew kits at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Why let someone else do what you can do just as well at home, by yourself.  Plus, whey you learn to brew your own beer, or make your own wine, you finally have the chance to make it just the way you like it. No more buying beers and wine thinking “this would be great if it just had a little more hops, or a little more malt, or a little more spice, or fruit or floral notes”. Whatever suits your beer and wine taste buds is exactly what you get when you are in charge of the brew. And think of all the new friends you’ll make once the neighbors realize what’s cooking.

Brewing your own beer and wine can save you money

Wine Making Kits are available at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Wine Making Kits are available at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Once you’ve invested in a great starter brew kit, or Winexpert wine kit, you’ll be saving dollars and making awesome brews for you and your friends to enjoy. Of course, with all the latest advances in homebrew equipment, once you’ve caught the brew bug, you’ll want to get all the latest toys and gadgets to make you brew even better than the last. At Castle Rock, we’re just getting the latest Blichmann’s electric brew equipment. Come check it out. We don’t just sell it, we’re testing it out on our own brews and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it. And when it comes to wine, we’ve got everything you need for that too, from the best selection of quality yeast strains from WYEAST, White Labs and Inland Island. In fact, stop by Castle Rock anytime and talk to our experience brew staff. We love to share our knowledge and we love to hear your stories. After all, what’s a good beer if you don’t get to share it?

Learn to brew beer at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

Located just 25 minutes from Colorado Springs, Castle Rock Homebrew Supply is proud to offer the best deals on homebrew equipment, grains, yeast, hops and classes to get you started. And once you’re beer is ready, we can help you with bottling and kegerators. And we’ve got oak barrels and bottling equipment for all your wines as well. You can walk in with a dream, and walk out with everything you need to make that dream a reality. Happy brew year!

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