Teachers by Day, Homebrewers by Night: The Story of Line 51 Craft Beer

(Cover Photo Credit: Eric Westervelt /NPR)
Take your homebrew to the next level with superior electrical hombrew equipment from Blichmann. Available at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply.

Take your homebrew to the next level with superior electrical homebrew equipment from Blichmann. Available at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply.

Homebrewers Around the Country Share Their Story

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a college percussion professor who succeeded in literally combining his day job, with his passion. Recently, NPR did a story about The Secret Lives of Teachers, where a couple from Oakland, CA finds a way to combine their day job as teachers with their successful homebrew that they’ve been selling to the local pubs. When you are passionate about homebrewing, it becomes a part of everything you do. We know that better than anyone, and working in a homebrew supply store is our way of making our passion a way of life; not just something we tool around with on occasion.

A couple of California teachers started their own homebrew company

Homebrewers come in all shapes and sizes, and most have day jobs that have nothing to do with homebrewing. Some homebrewers may dream of taking their batch to the next level, quitting their day job and investing in a brew pub. But this Oakland couple, despite the growing sales of their basement homebrew, has no intention of quitting their day job. They are happy teaching by day, and brewing by night. Even going so far as to turn a school bus, into a bright red homebrew delivery truck. Take a listen to this story from NPR’s All Things Considered about a middle school teacher and a community college math teacher who manages their two passions: teaching and homebrewing!

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