The Beer in Review: Looking Back at 2014 Trends

Colorado is a beer lover’s state

We’ve got everything from major commercial breweries to homebrewers selling small batches to local bars and grocery stores. Whatever type of beer you love, Colorado has it. And if it doesn’t have it right in your neighborhood, then maybe you should be the one to provide it. At Castle Rock, we’ve got fresh grains, hops and extract starter kits to make just about any beer you desire.

Small batch nanobrewers often starts with a simple homebrew set up

Small batch nanobrewers often starts with a simple homebrew set up

2014 beer trends

Taking a look back at 2014 we saw a couple of trends in beer and brewing that will certainly continue through 2015. First of all, we are brewing a whole lot more beer than we used to. And it’s not just coming from the domestic beer breweries. More and more breweries are popping up all over Colorado in the form on “nanobreweries”. These small time operations are often started by homebrewers and will produce one batch at a time, making their homebrews available to a select crowd of local beer enthusiasts. If you are lucky, you may be able to find one of these brews at your local watering hole. Single batches from homebrewers who want to share their love of beer with their local beer drinkers come in many varieties. The single batch means that they can easily switch it up and give consumers something different – but delicious – every time. And if a batch isn’t as popular as you would have hoped, you don’t have a whole cellar filled with beer that no one wants to drink. It’s all about experimenting and having quick turnaround if you want to keep up with the homebrews that are becoming so popular with the beer drinking community.

New hop varieties in development for your homebrew

Today we also have about 200 varieties of hops available to us homebrewers. This makes the choice of beers almost limitless. And now the Brewers Associaten reports that there are about 100 new varieties of hops already in development. Talk to the staff at Castle Rock Homebrew Supplies about the type of hop that you would like to try for your next homebrew.

Castle Rock has Colorado's largest selection of hops

Castle Rock has Colorado’s largest selection of hops

Get fresh grains and hops at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

With over 70 varieties of hops available at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply it can be difficult picking out the right one. Luckily we have a staff of homebrewing experts who can answer all of your questions and help you pick out the right hop for your next homebrew. Brewing your own beer is the quickest and best way to start learning the different nuances of hop flavors and aromas that it can add to your beer. And you can join our grain program, so you always have the freshest ingredients to work with for your next batch of homemade beer. For all your homebrew needs in Colorado, Castle Rock Homebrew is the place to shop.



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