The Iconic Grape Stomp is Ancient History

It’s hard to think of making wine without thinking about the famous I Love Lucy grape stomping scene…

Grape stomping is probably the one step to wine making that every person in the world knows about. Today, stomping grapes with your feet has not only been replaced by other time efficient and sterile grape crushing methods, it has been outright outlawed in the United States. Turns out people don’t want to think about your bare feet while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Grape Stomping and Homemade Wine

Stomping the grapes – seeds, stems, skins and all – is part of the maceration process that releases the juice, phenols and tannins that provide color and acidity to the wine and begin fermentation. Grape stomping dates back as far as the Romans in 200 BC, but unfortunately by the end of the 20th century this wonderful tradition was outlawed in the US, placing health and sanitation above tradition.

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We’ve come a long way from the days of stomping grapes in open vats with our bare feet. Yes, it’s a fun tradition, but modern technology has taken over the wine making process, making it easier for you to make your own wine in the comforts of your own home. At Castle Rock Home Brew we have all the supplies you need for wine making. From the  grape juice, to oak barrels, to bottling equipment. We also have wine making classes, so you can come and learn step by step how to make your own delicious wine. The best part about making wine is learning about the process. Think about all the delicious wine you have to go out and taste, all in the name of research!

Wine Making Kits

Wine Making Kits

Wine making ColoradoMaking Wine at Home Takes Time and Patience

Grape stomping may be a thing of the past, but while you’re waiting for your wine to properly ferment, open up a bottle of “homework” and take a trip down memory lane with this classic clip. Visit us today for wine-making supplies in the Denver and Colorado Springs area and get started on this great journey of Homemade Wine! 

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