Tweak a Homebrew Recipe and Make it Your Own

When we just start out, it’s easiest to follow beer recipes exactly as they come. But once you’ve been successful with a few of your favorite beers, why not start tweaking your recipes a little. You could end up with a whole new beer, that’s your own personal brand. At Castle Rock, we’ve got the recipes and the best ingredients for homebrewing. All you have to do is use your imagination, and start straying a little from the original recipe.

Fresh homebrew ingredients in Colorado

The first thing you need is quality ingredients. Don’t skimp on the freshness of your grains and hops. Your beer, no matter how much you tweak it, is only as good as the ingredients. Castle Rock has the largest selection of grains and hops in Colorado, so whatever you’re brewing, if you’re in the Denver area or near Colorado Springs, then stop by for your homebrew basics. Once you’ve got your ingredients, it’s time to start tweaking.

toys for homebrewing in Colorado

Playing with the mash temperature of your favorite homebrew recipe could yield amazing results.

Play with the mash temperature

All grain brewing means you have control of your wort. Any homebrewer will know that if you alter the mash temperature in a specific recipe, it will dramatically alter the wort. If you’re going for a dry crisp beer, for example, go for a lower temperature mash. But, if you’re looking for the full body of a stout, go for a high mash temperature. Playing around with the mash temperature can lead to wonderful new flavors without changing a single ingredient.

Play with the fermentation temperature

Tweaking a homebrew recipe

Playing with the fermentation of your homebrew recipe can completely change the flavors of your beer, without without touching a single ingredient.

Never underestimate the effect of the yeast in your homebrew. We carry the best yeast strains in all of Colorado, so be sure to talk to us about what yeast to use for the type of beer you are hoping to brew. The right yeast can take your beer in a whole new direction. If you’ve found your preferred yeast strain, try tweaking the fermentation temperature. Just a few degrees in either direction can bring out flavors in your yeast that you never knew where there. Finding the perfect balance in the flavors of your yeast strain can take time. Start playing around with the fermentation temperatures to make the most of your yeast and find your own signature flavors. For some homebrewers, tinkering with the yeast can take a lifetime, but it’s worth every delicious flavor that you come across in the process.

WYEAST, White Labs, and dry brewer’s yeast at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply

The above two tweaking suggestions should keep you busy for a while (or a lifetime), but we’ll continue to give you tips and tricks to playing with your favorite homebrew recipes. If you’re looking for recipes to tweak, or to brew exactly as they are written, then take a look through our extensive recipe library, and go to our store to find the ingredients you need. We carry WYEAST, and White Labs. For dry brewer’s yeast, we have a huge selection from Lallemande and Fermentis. They have both just introduced a great new Belgian Ale strain, Abbaye. We also carry a large selection of dry wine yeast and distillers yeast. And as always, we’d love to hear about your adventures in brewing, so while you’re tweaking our recipes, let us know what you learn along the way. See you at the shop.

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