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At Castle Rock Homebrew Supply we not only have all the equipment you need to make your own beer, make your own wine and make your own cheese, we also have classes for first time enthusiasts as well as longtime home brewers. There’s nothing like honing your skills or developing your craft by spending an evening with likeminded wine, cheese and beer enthusiasts. Check out the classes available this week, including two newcomers.

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October 23rd 5:30 pm:  All grain advanced brewing class

We will take you through a full mash schedule to produce wort.  This is an advanced class, hitting upon some advanced topics like water chemistry, mashing and sparging techniques. Regardless of style, all beer begins with making a wort.

fresh mozzarella cheese

NEW!! October 25th 3 pm: Mozzarella Cheese Making Class in Castle Rock

Join us, if you dare. Finding out just how easy it is to make homemade fresh mozzarella can be dangerous. Take a walk on the wild side and come learn just how sinfully easy it is to make your own cheese. This class is just for making mozzarella, but we’ll have some homemade samples of a Brie that we just made right here in the store.

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NEW!! October 30th 6 pm:  Wine making class in Castle Rock

Castle Rock Home Brew logoWould you like some homemade wine to go with that homemade cheese? Making wine is not that much more difficult than making cheese. It just takes a little longer. A great bottle of wine costs money; making your own great bottle of wine does not. In just 90 minutes, you’ll start 6 gallons of wine, help bottle 30 bottles of fermented wine and leave with samples to take home and get inspired to make your own great homemade wine.

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At Castle Rock Homebrew Supplies we love to share our experiences and our expertise with other wine, cheese and beer enthusiasts. If you are just getting started, stop by the store and check out our inventory of homebrew started kits, as well as a wide array of hops, grains and yeast to get you started on your own beer. If it’s wine you’re after, we’ve got the best grape and juice selections as well as all of the Winexpert Wine Kits to get you started. And then, there’s the cheese. We’ve got you covered on cheese making supplies as well. Come in, share your knowledge, ask questions and sign up for a class to take your homemade beer, wine and cheese to the next level.

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